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Dale Kidd: Song Lyrics for Sale

You might be able to make your guitar sing, but what if you want to write song lyrics? Writing drop-dead lyrics doesn't necessarily come naturally, just because you're a great musician. Perhaps you have a piano tune running through your head, and you can't quite seem to find the words. Today you can find lyrics for sale by doing a quick internet search.

When you search lyrics for sale, you'll find everything from big database sites to independent writers working to earn a living from their song lyrics. You're contributing to another creative talent directly when you choose to license lyrics for sale through an independent website. Additionally, by working directly with a proven writer such as Dale Kidd, you'll find that you're able to develop a more personal relationship and cut out the middleman. After all, why should a corporation make money from licensing a writer's music when musicians can work directly with an experienced lyricist who will set their words to song?

If you need song lyrics, Dale Kidd Lyrics has an extensive catalog of lyrics for sale on his website. You'll find song lyrics that examine life, and question the concepts of love, family, devotion, and the fall that sometimes happens.

Visit Dale Kidd's website to find lyrics for sale, including Franklin D. Zodiac, Rainbow Sis, Coal and Gold, and Martha's Two Conditions. Kidd offers different licensing options, including a commercial-unlimited-right-of-reproduction with shareable revenue on sales over 1000 on single tracks containing his licensed lyrics.

If you're searching for lyrics for sale, visit to see what he has for license. Who knows, maybe a new collaboration is on the horizon.

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