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Music Licensing

Music Licensing 101: New Lyrics for Sale

It's essential to think about copyright laws if you want music for an independent film. Likewise, if you're a musician who writes tunes, but needs lyrics, you'll want to understand some basics about music licensing. Copyright laws can be complicated, but there are a few basics to consider as you look into finding new lyrics for sale.

A music licensing agreement grants the right to use the original lyrics. Keep in mind, though, that there are a few different types of licensing contracts you should be aware of if you want to buy new music for sale.

First, non-commercial-use music licensing allows you to use original lyrics for performances and presentations. Still, you cannot put another writer's copyrighted lyircs to the music you've written and make money on those original lyrics, unless you've struck a commercial licensing agreement with the writer.

What's more—music licensing new lyrics for sale doesn't mean you'll have the copyright. Lyrics will most likely remain under copyright to the person who wrote the words to the song—unless otherwise specified.

Commercial-limited-right-of-reproduction music licensing enables you to record the lyrics and use them on a sound recording or video. However, as the name suggests, the number of copies you can produce under this agreement is limited. Similarly, commercial-unlimited-right-of-reproduction music licensing gives you unlimited rights to reproduction. However, the writer will also most likely require a percentage of generated sales over an agreed-upon number of sales.

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