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I Need Lyrics

I need A Songwriter — I Need Lyrics

Even if you can make your guitar scream with some crushing heavy metal tunes, you've probably thought I need lyrics. The thing is that writing music doesn't come naturally to most musicians, so the thought that I need a songwriter or lyricist is something that's usually there whenever you come up with a catchy new riff.

Perhaps you have a piano tune, or an acoustic ballad running through your head. You have an idea that there's a story in there somewhere, and as you try to get it down on paper, you think again, I need a songwriter. That nagging thought, I need lyrics, can almost crush your desire to create at times because some songs feel unfinished without words.

Here's the thing. Today you can find a songwriter by doing a quick internet search.
You'll discover that there are big database sites as well as independent writers working to earn a living off of their song lyrics. When you think I need lyrics, you're thinking exclusively about words for a tune. However, if you think I need a songwriter, you could be looking for more of a collaboration.

You stand to gain more from a collaboration.

If you need song lyrics, Dale Kidd has an extensive catalog on his website. You'll find song lyrics that examine life, and question the concepts of love, family, devotion, and the fall that sometimes happens. If you're searching for l need a songwriter, visit to see if his words are the answer to your nagging thoughts, I need lyrics.

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