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The Legend

of Dylan

copyright 2021


 This song’s about

 kind of who we are

 Where we’re going to travel

 and just how far


 It all started back

 many chords ago

 We heard his music

 and we loved his show

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The London Album by Gravity Grit

Franklin D. Zodiac .......... 3.52
Spotlight .......... 4.14
On The Yellow Brick Road .......... 4.24
Doug and The Beats .......... 3.52
Guru Man .......... 4.30

Looney Tunes Crazy .......... 4.06
Where Are The Angels? .......... 4.49
Shoreditch Girl..........
Tommy Truth and Thelma Trust .......... 4.23
Obsession Road .......... 3.55



Franklin D. Zodiac

he was anything but cute

just a scaly-green body

in a worn-out

spaceman suit . . .

  • YouTube
A Musician Playing Bass Guitar

Doug and The Beats

Let me tell you about

local legend Doug Street

Founding member of

the notorious Bay Beats . . .


On The
Brick Road

On the train to downtown

just another day

Sit at a computer

and rot my life away . . .

Girls in Limo


Look at slim-bored Maisy

She’s rock’n’roll crazy

Rules the dance floor

like a fired-up troll

I say why not, she’s got a lot

Got the music

deep down in her soul . . .

Image by Austin Distel

Guru  Man 

The slick-talking guru

came in from the Coast

a data programmer

more cunning than most . . .

  • YouTube
Image by Giovanni Ribeiro

Looney tunes crazy

It was nineteen ninety

between Mudville and Main

they were driving Route Inferno

where it crosses Insane . . .

Image by Clint McKoy

Tommy Truth and Thelma Trust

got along like rum and coke

One day while driving eighty-nine up ahead they saw some smoke

 . . .

Tommmy truth
thelma trust

Image by Harry Cunningham

There was screaming

up the hillside

There were sirens

outside town

There was weeping

by the poolside

There was murder

going down . . .

where are the angels?

Image by Gob

Mary Ann Yerrell

you’re not to blame

When Tom passed on

it doused your flame . . .


Image by Wicked Sheila

It was after the heartache

before payments were owed

at the motel check in

out on Obsession Road . . .


Welcome to the place where words can be found
where words drive the pace and words push the sound
Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Give Me Comfort

copyright 2021


Give me comfort

Give me comfort

Close your eyes and comfort me

Give me comfort

Give me comfort

Chase this longing to be free

It's Your Life

copyright 2021


It's your life

you're in it,

Somehow you're

gonna own it!

Image by Greg Rakozy
Image by Lynda Hinton

Stirling 1972

copyright 2021


I’m heading back to Stirling

back to Stirling U.

Back to MacRobert Centre

to the protest of seventy-two

The Divide

copyright 2021


Grew up in Ireland

I lived The Divide

Catholic, Protestant

in constant collide

Image by Martin Sanchez
Image by Anthony Bouzalas


in the universe

We spent five days

in the back of a truck

arrived in your land

shit outta luck

We’d nowhere to sleep, nowhere to wash

but we stayed out of sight, made it across . . .

Country Music Artist


and Goya the Two Halves of Danger

The dogs from the desert

have come round my house

as I dance with Lolita

in her low-cut blouse . . .





I looked in the river

watched the still water run

saw a kid with a knife

or was it a gun? . . .

As the sun was setting, during a walk in

of Time

When Sam came to town

he all but fell down

Crying: "My wife and

my baby are dead!" . . .

Image by Devon Divine

My old

I was putting in a window

in my old man's summer house

When along came my girlfirend

in her fancy, gypsy blouse . . .

Image by Chris Smith

To The

The man in the middle

had an alibi of sorts

he wasn't near the bank

when robbed by cohorts . . .

A song gets built, much like bricks in a wall
Progress the chords, words fall where they fall
Comes like a fever, in the dead of the night
Drags you from sleep, and begs you to write
Rhythm and words the raw steel of life
Iron and carbon make a powerful knife

Tuning words // Wording tunes