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You're a musician looking for lyrics.
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I've been writing lyrics since loving the songs of Bob Dylan as a teenager. I fit my lyrics to someone's music or I fit someone's music to my lyrics - in other words - Liquid Lyrics.

If  your band plays adult contemporary, chill rock or traditional,

check out what collaboration can do for your songs.

Here's how it works!

Select a lyric and you'll get the rhythm, melody and harmony.

You can customize the song to your creative style.

Co-writes are today's highway to music industry success.

Refresh your music
with Liquid Lyrics

Welcome all new members !

Image by Weston MacKinnon

The Legend

of Dylan

 copyright 2021


 This song’s about

 kind of who we are

 Where we’re going to travel

 and just how far


 It all started back

 many chords ago

 We heard his music

 and we loved his show

Copyright by and SOCAN The Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada, BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc.)
and worldwide affiliates.  All rights reserved. 
Unauthorized use of intellectual property is forbidden
.  For enquiries please contact

newest london album.png

The London Album
Gravity Grit

Franklin D. Zodiac .......... 3.52
Spotlight .......... 4.14
On The Yellow Brick Road .......... 4.24
Doug and The Beats .......... 3.52
Guru Man .......... 4.30

Looney Tunes Crazy .......... 4.06
Where Are The Angels? .......... 4.49
Shoreditch Girl..........
Tommy Truth and Thelma Trust .......... 4.23
Obsession Road .......... 3.55                                               
CD available by contacting

Dramatic DJ
This is where words can be found
where words drive the pace
and words push the sound.

Fun lyrics from Montreal!

The Saturday Six

Image by Matthew Daniels

Sowers and Reapers

copyright 2022


There's a big storm brewing

with the changing days

A bad gale coming

to break apart old ways

Ain't Justice Poetic

copyright 2022


The Wild Cats were robbers

twins Meg and Peg Steele

Meg handled the hold ups

Peg stayed at the wheel

Image by Jeremy Bezanger
Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Give Me Comfort

copyright 2021


Give me comfort

Give me comfort

Close your eyes and comfort me

Give me comfort

Give me comfort

Chase this longing to be free

It's Your Life

copyright 2021


It's your life

you're in it,

Somehow you're

gonna own it!

Image by Greg Rakozy

Stirling 1972

copyright 2021


I’m heading back to Stirling

back to Stirling U.

Back to MacRobert Centre

to the protest of seventy-two

The Divide

copyright 2021


Grew up in Ireland

I lived The Divide

Catholic, Protestant

in constant collide

Image by Humphrey Muleba

The Cigarette Six

Image by Anthony Bouzalas


in the universe

We spent five days

in the back of a truck

arrived in your land

shit outta luck

We’d nowhere to sleep, nowhere to wash

but we stayed out of sight, made it across . . .

Country Music Artist


and Goya the Two Halves of Danger

The dogs from the desert

have come round my house

as I dance with Lolita

in her low-cut blouse . . .





I looked in the river

watched the still water run

saw a kid with a knife

or was it a gun? . . .

As the sun was setting, during a walk in

of Time

When Sam came to town

he all but fell down

Crying: "My wife and

my baby are dead!" . . .

Image by Devon Divine

My old

I was putting in a window

in my old man's summer house

When along came my girlfirend

in her fancy, gypsy blouse . . .

Image by Chris Smith

To The

The man in the middle

had an alibi of sorts

he wasn't near the bank

when robbed by cohorts . . .

Dramatic DJ
Tuning words.
Wording tunes.

The Soda Sampler Six

Image by Vincent Creton

Walls Weep in Donegal

copyright 2020


Here tonight, by Feneuil Hall

hard as I try, I cannot sleep

Back home, right now, in Donegal

hearts do cry and walls do weep

Hard Livin'

copyright 2020


Catch me in Clayborn

I've a gig there next week

we'll go for a coffee

on Mardi Gras Street

Image by Joshua Earle

National Spy

copyright 2021


When I think back

I recall you were shy

a meek and mild guy

gone live and let die

Violin and Gun

copyright 2021


North by east and north by west

True north falls in between

And that old man at water's edge

is the strangest ever seen

Image by Josep Molina Secall
Image by Courtney Cook

Kaylee Rose

copyright 2020


Kaylee, let me tell the story

of that first time we met

A freaky, chance encounter

neither one of us regret

Little Grace

copyright 2021


The hucksters in Big Smoke

don't live around here

They drive down from the mountains

appearing sincere

They sell you big condos

a lifestyle for rent

And in no time at all

the money's all spent

Image by Edward Cisneros
Dramatic DJ
Music haunts.
Words strike.

The Southbound Six

Image by John Simmons

Nasty Mayhem

copyright 2022


Yeah, he's into mayhem

real nasty mayhem

he works round the clock

a.m. to p.m.

Centre Circle

copyright 2021


She's centre circle

makes her feel good

Only things she's known
since her childhood

Image by Abstral Official
Image by Luiz Guimaraes

On Harbour Street

copyright 2019


Lights flicker up and down

And the pavement wears a frown

Will you save us?

Authors and Athletes

copyright 2022


The authors and athletes

arrived at the flat

They were drawn to the books

enthralled by the bat

Image by Blake Guidry

Six Ways

From Sunday

copyright 2019


It was five before midnight

when she stepped off the bus

She pulled back her hair

and shouldered her purse

Wish Maker

copyright 2022


Blew candles on my cake

when I was a youngster

Closed my eyes, made a wish

but just can't remember

Dramatic DJ

Copyright by and SOCAN The Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada, BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc.) and worldwide affiliates.  All rights reserved.
Unauthorized use of intellectual property is forbidden. Enquiries, please contact 

The Summerside Six


Bronze Age Woman

copyright 2022


Bronze Age woman

with skin like cumin

you drove chariots

to the edge of the earth

In The Meantime

copyright 2022


In the meantime

are we happy?

In the meantime
who can tell?

Image by nick Kaufman
Image by Katherine Chase

Best Blueberry Patch Around

copyright 2022


Lobster shells and bareback ponies

Mean showed up

and blew right through me

At hot day's end I wrote this song

Carved in sand to right all wrong


copyright 2022


Francine drives a taxi

She dives down dumpsters too

She'll finish a Sudoku

Have nothing left to do

Image by JJ Jordan
Image by Michael Mims


copyright 2022


When rain comes falling at midnight

and skeletons lean on my barn

I turn my head to Sarah

and take comfort in her charm

Days In Time

copyright 2022


Mom dropped at breakfast time

while dad was baling hay

Too early for my sister

but she arrived that day

Image by JJ Jordan

The Sarasota Six

Image by Pascale Amez

The Longest Road

copyright 2022


You see the longest road to make

is the one you have to crawl

And the hardest yard to take

comes after the fall


Moses and The Devil 

copyright 2022


Selena cornered Moses

as he was leaving town

She said: "Go home Moses

your house is falling down!"

Image by Molly Blackbird
Image by Ibrahim Rifath

Rockin' Romey

copyright 2022


Rockin' Romey Rivers

sells T-shirts at the beach

An art college drop out

with career dreams outta reach

Heroes Need A Hero 

copyright 2022


The headline in the paper said

our heroes are all dead

The hope chest that once held dreams

now sits for show instead

Mountain climber on peak
Image by Steve Harvey

Outlaw Patriot

copyright 2022


You might remember me

though we have never met

Wherever darkness lives

the light will always get

You're A Contradiction 

copyright 2022


You're a contradiction

you don't mean what you say

You think you're high class

but you're just a wild stray

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