Welcome to the place

       where words can be found

  where words drive the pace

 and words push the sound





Franklin D. Zodiac

he was anything but cute

just a scaly-green body in

a worn-out spaceman suit . . .

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Girls in Limo





Look at slim-bored Maisy

She’s rock’n’roll crazy

Rules the dance floor

like a fired-up troll

I say why not, she’s got a lot

Got the music

deep down in her soul . . .


On The


Brick Road

On the train to downtown

just another day

Sit at a computer

and rot my life away . . .

A Musician Playing Bass Guitar

Doug and The Beats

Let me tell you about

local legend Doug Street

Founding member of

the notorious Bay Beats . . .

Image by Austin Distel

Guru  Man

The slick-talking guru

came in from the Coast

a data programmer

more cunning than most . . .

Image by Joseph Greve

Looney tunes crazy

It was nineteen ninety

between Mudville and Main

they were driving Route Inferno

where it crosses Insane . . .

Image by Anthony Bouzalas


in the universe

We spent five days

in the back of a truck

arrived in your land

shit outta luck

We’d nowhere to sleep, nowhere to wash

but we stayed out of sight, made it across . . .

Country Music Artist


and Goya the Two Halves of Danger

The dogs from the desert

have come round my house

as I dance with Lolita

in her low-cut blouse . . .





I looked in the river

watched the still water run

saw a kid with a knife

or was it a gun? . . .

A song gets built
much like bricks in a wall
Progress the chords
words fall where they fall
Comes like a fever
in the dead of the night
Drags you from sleep

and begs you to write
Rhythm and words
the raw steel of life
Iron and carbon
make a powerful knife