Zenga's No Zygote

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

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The day is hot the day is long the day is everything

that’s wrong

You think it’s bad you think it’s rough you think you gotta get more tough

It’s not that bad it’s not that sad It’s not the worst day ever had

It could be worse could be crazy

step around what makes it hazy

Hey Zenga you’re no zygote

you’re trapped in Zigzagland

a world within a podcast

only fans can understand

With sun about your features

you watch TV warm in bed

allow the world of wonders

to pulsate within your head

Go open wide a window

let dreams climb upon the ledge

if they jump and disappear

they'll push you to the edge

Zenga zip

Zenga zing

Zenga zoom

Zenga sing

So in a while

you fall asleep

wake up older

on the street

Now you’re moving moving on but hidden demons have not gone

You could be down you could be up you could be waiting for some luck

You say: “Oh my

when will I die!

Besides the clouds

who’s gonna cry?”

Com’n Zenga zap the zombie

don’t let the zebra hide

look how others see you

a real rebel deep inside

Feel sunshine pull your body

to the raw outdoors instead

where a wicked world of wonders

will pulsate about your head

You open up a bus door

let words challenge all who dare

shape the world about you

teach the zealots how to share

Zenga zip

Zenga zing

Zenga zoom

Zenga sing

If you lose your feet

How can you walk?

If you lose your voice

How can you talk?

If they break your heart

How can you love?

And if you lose your will

Heaven’s above!

You have a song

you have a voice

so sing of love

you have the choice

May not be right

may not be wrong

just stay alive

within your song

You look around you seek a friend and Zoe Zircon helps you mend

Can you do it?

sure you can

you will make it

take my hand

Hey Zenga, you’re no zero

you fled from Zigzagland

you traveled round the mountain

felt the wind and rain firsthand

A parachute above you

feet planted on the ground

within the world of wonders

new options now abound

May your dreams, free as fish,

swim throughout the corral reefs

in bright-blue-turquoise waters

distilling your beliefs

Zenga zip

Zenga zing

Zenga zoom

Zenga sing

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