Hey Mom

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

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Hey mom

I’m sorry to say

I’m going away

I’m so fed up with my job

My boss is a bully

He’s jealous unduly

And makes me feel like a slob

Hey dad

I know it’s a blow

But I do have to go

I’m thinking of joining a ship

Cruise lines are hiring

World travel’s inspiring

I won’t have to take any lip

Hey sis

Please tell the folks

And this is no joke

The circus is now in my sights

The ship was OK

But I worked the whole day

And I’m tired of working the nights

Hey bro

Between you and me

I think I should be

In movies out Hollywood way

The circus was neat

But the pay was no treat

No future at end of the day

Hey cuz

I am in town

Could I lay my head down?

I think I’ll apply at the zoo

Acting is tough

Only work’s in the buff

That is why I’m visiting you

Hey mom

Coming home today

I hope I can stay

Caged creatures are just not my thing

I now understand

Work is not really grand

It’s what time and effort can bring

Hey folks

You knew all along

My decisions were wrong

Now I’ve found that out on my own

Whimsical dreams

And far out schemes

Confound opportunities blown

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