Ripping Apart the Nation

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

copyright 2019

It wasn’t fast

It wasn’t slow

Best described as ‘steady flow’

The Spring run off was high this year

All the neighbours full of fear

It forced us outside on the run

Shelter sleeping just no fun

Muddy water keeps on coming

sloshing ’round ground-level floors

Muddy water keeps on rising

uninvited through our doors

The sky was black

The hill was red

From all the trees the fire was fed

It roared about our Summer home

Whipped by winds to leap and roam

Flaring embers snapped at branches

Scalded earth took advances

Wildfire flames keep on raging

consuming nature all around

Wildfire flames keep rampaging

charring shroud upon the ground

Seasonal Situation

Ripping apart the Nation

There was no breeze

There was no sound

Just Fall’s warmth within the ground

Twister season on horizon

Boarded windows unsurprising

Rattling roof tops, trees uprooted

Cars tossed skyward, sad lives looted

Crazy cyclone keeps on howling

shatters wood like broken bones

Crazy cyclone keeps on pounding

in its wake destruction groans

Seasonal Situation

Ripping apart the Nation

The sky went dark

The ground went white

Winter storm came over night

Low-pressure system stuck around

Mercury readings hit the ground

Record snow depth blankets tower

Heavy snowflakes kill out power

Nor-East blizzard keeps on building

blinding whiteout – frozen, angry

Nor-East blizzard keeps on mounting

ploughs and shovels ever ready

Seasonal Situation

Ripping apart the Nation

No lack of information

To defray our consternation

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